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To all my wonderful clients and friends,

I believe that we, like our curls, are forever growing, spreading our canopy and strengthening our roots. It’s in that light that I’m excited to let everyone know that after an amazing 20 years of growing, learning and connecting with the Vero community I’ll be opening my very own Suite on Piedmont Ave. I will begin meeting with clients at my new location at 4315 Piedmont Ave, #105, starting Tuesday October 17.

Helping my clients understand their curls and cultivate their locks into healthy, beautiful shapes has always brought me joy. I wanted to be able to match that vision to a sacred space that I can call my own. I hope to offer all of my community a unique and soothing environment in which we can celebrate hair in all its beautiful forms, from coils, curls and waves and everything in between. This really is a culmination of my many years of learning about the art and architecture of hair and hair color. Gratitude is the only word I can think of to express how I feel about Vero and the Vero community that has been so generous to me over the last 2 decades.

I also want to thank 17 Jewels for welcoming me with open arms for the last two years as a
Part time Stylist. I quickly became comfortable and consider every one of you a friend. I will
miss all the tacos.

Again, a huge thanks to all my mentors and everyone that has helped me to get where I am today. If you’ve been waiting to make your next appointment or are thinking about doing something totally new, I’d encourage you to make an appointment today, feel free to text, email me or use my online booking agent:

With love,

PS: The address is 4315 Piedmont Ave, #105, there’ll be a key pad entry at the side gate to the back and I will send the in your email reminder.